Chief Hashagen entered into Firehouse Hall of Fame

Oct 24, 2017

Chief Alfredo Ruiz along with Ex-Chiefs Maguire, Rowan and Wenk had the honor of attending the induction of Ex-Chief Paul Hashagen into the Firehouse Hall of Fame. Chief Hashagen is a highly decorated, retired firefighter from the FDNY elite Rescue Co #1. Chief Hashagen has published numerous books including histories of FDNY and Rescue Co #1. Chief Hashagen joins a very elite group in the hall of fame that has some of the greatest legends in American Firefighting. Names like Vincent Dunn, Dennis Smith, John Norman, Alan Brunacini, Francis Brannigan, Hal Bruno and Harvey Eisner. The Freeport FD is proud to call you one of our own! Well done brother!!

hash award 2.jpg


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