Warning Sirens

Warning sirens in Freeport.
Warning Sirens Are the primary method of emergency notification to the residents of Freeport. They will be used for any emergency, natural or man-made, that requires immediate no… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/emergency-management-office/warning-sirens/

Important Phone Numbers

Important Freeport numbers in case of an emergency.
Important Emergency Phone Numbers  Emergency Management Hotline (516) 377-2400 Freeport  Emergency Management (516) 377-2188 Freeport Fire Department (516) 378-… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/emergency-management-office/important-phone-numbers/

Jumbo Wins

"Jumbo" Won the following awards at the Great Neck Antique Show and Muster on Saturday June 22, 2013. BEST STEAMER, MOST AUSPICIOUS ORIGNAL APPARATUS and OVERALL BEST OF THE S… http://freeportfd.org/blog/jumbo-wins/

Hose 1 Night Hawks Win 2nd Battalion Drill

Hose Company 1 Night Hawks won the 2nd Battalion Chamionship on June 21st in Baldwin. Photo by Michele Ruiz de Zarate-Seaman. http://freeportfd.org/blog/hose-1-nighthawks-win-2nd-battalion/

Historical Photos

Historical photographs of the Freeport Fire Department. http://freeportfd.org/photo-gallery/historical-photos/

Hose Five Drill Team

Hose Five Drill Team.
Hose 5 Drill Team Hose Company 5 ran Motorized in the 1930's http://freeportfd.org/drill-teams/hose-five-drill-team/

Hose Two Drill Team

Hose Company Two Drill Team
Hose Company 2 Drill Team Hose Company 2 ran Motorized in the 1930's http://freeportfd.org/drill-teams/hose-two-drill-team/

Winter Safety

Tips and information on what to do when the temperatures are extremely low.
Winter Weather Terms Watches Winter Storm Watch: Issued for the possibility of severe life-threatening winter weather conditions including: heavy snow, heavy ice and/or near b… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/winter-safety/

Thunderstorm Safety

Tips and information on what to do in case of a thunderstorm.
Terms To Know Severe Thunderstorm Watch is issued when severe thunderstorms are possible in and close to the watch area. The watch is issued to alert you to the possibility that … http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/thunderstorm-safety/

Pet Safety

How to prepare for and keep your pets safe in case of an emergency.
Is Your Family Prepared? You may face a number of emergencies or disasters in your lifetime — fire, flooding, wind-storm, ice or snowstorm, power outage, or exposure to hazardous… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/pet-safety/

Tornado Safety

Tips and information on what to do in case of a tornado.
Terms To Know Tornado Watch is issued when conditions are favorable over a large area for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to develop. Listen to NOAA Weather Radio and your loc… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/tornado-safety/

Radiological Safety

Tips and information on what to do in case of a radiological emergency.
New York State has three (3) commercially licensed nuclear power sites that collectively contain six (6) nuclear power plants. The sites are located at Indian Point in Westches… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/radiological-safety/

Lightning Safety

Tips and information on what to do in case of lightning.
What You Should Know All thunderstorms produce lightning and are dangerous. Lightning kills more people in this country each year than tornadoes. Lightning is the result of th… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/lightning-safety/

Flood Safety

Tips and information on what to do in case of a flood.
Terms To Know Flash Flood or Flood Watch: Indicates flash flooding or flooding is possible within the designated watch area. When a watch is issued, be alert and ready to take ac… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/flood-safety/

Heat Safety

Tips and information on what to do when faced with extreme heat.
Terms to Know Heat Wave: More than 48 hours of high heat (90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) and high humidity (80% relative humidity or higher) are expected. Heat Index: A numb… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/heat-safety/

Earthquake Safety

Tips and information on what to do in case of an earthquake.
Prepare Your Family Discuss how you and your family will respond to a possible emergency. Know how to contact all family members at all times. Think 24/7 and 365. Draw a floor… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/earthquake-safety/

Fire Safety

Tips and information on what to do in case of a fire.
Act Now To Be Prepared Buy and carefully maintain a quality smoke detector. Learn what causes fire. Inspect your home to eliminate or control fire hazards. … http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/fire-safety/

Hurricane Safety

Tips and information on what to do in case of a hurricane.
Defining a Hurricane A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone, the general term for all circulating weather systems (counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere) over tropical w… http://freeportfd.org/general-information/preparedness/hurricane-safety/

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